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Favorite Shipping Song...?

This blog is for all iCarly fans that have a certain shipping. Please, do not start a shipping war, though. All I'd love to know is you're favorite shipping song. The song that resembles your favorite pairing the most. Considering I'm a seddie shipper, my favorite song is between "Running Away" by AM (I'm sure you know why, haha.) and "She's Killing Me" by A Rocket To The Moon. My friend, who happens to be a Creddie shipper, things "Love Story" by Taylor Swift goes with Creddie the most. "About You Now" by Miranda Cosgrove also kind of goes with Creddie. For all you Sibby fans, I have no idea what song could go with that. But, I'm sure one of you knows one. Most of the Seddie songs can also go with Sibby. Spam; "Best Friend's Brother" by Victoria Justice. So goes with Spam. Cibby; I kind of thought "Girlfriend" by Avril Lavigne went with them, considering he's dating Tasha. Other than that, I couldn't really think of anything other than that. But, seriously, tell me you're favorite shipping song! :D Seddie, Creddie, Cibby, Sibby, even Fencer, I don't mind.

-Nameless person. :3 (Not really.)

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