Here are a few questions that have been going through my mind. Can someone answer them?:

1. What happend to Carly's mom, Freddie's dad and Sam's dad? Did they die or did their parents have a divorce?

2. Carly and Sam met around the age of 9. Did Carly and Freddie already know each other?

3. What other rooms are on the 2nd floor of the Shay's apartment?

4. What happend to Jeremy? (Germy)

5. On FanFiction, There are alot of stories that Wendy is some girl that gossips alot and everything. Where did that come from?

6. In the 1st season, Wendy was sorta... I don't know, I guess bad. Why, and when, did she suddenly change?

7. Was the iSpeed Date moment near the ending a Seddie or Creddie moment? Hmm? :)

I'd really appreciate it if you answered these questions. And, thank you In advanced. Peace.! -xxS.Sxx

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