Okay, there has been alot of talk about iLost My Mind. Sam checks herself into a mental hospital, and Caleb (played by Jim Parsons) is a man who somehow believes he is from the future. (And who also believes the state of California will go cur-plunk in around 30 years from now.) Does anyone know why Sam is checking herself into a mental hospital? (: I'm losing my mind trying to understand any of this! But, I'm starting to get more excited for iLost My Mind & iDate Sam&Freddie than for iParty With Victorious (But, of course, I can't wait to see that either.) So, any thoughts or opinions about this episode? Not much is confirmed, but mostly rumored about this episode. So, what do you think will happen?

And, if you think that the reason Sam checks in is because of a 'Seddie' or 'Creddie' reason, and you do not agree with them, please do not make a huge fuss over it. It is only an opinion, not a confirmed fact. (:

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