• Xxcreddier4presidentxx

    This blog is a response to the noticeably significant amount of users who are simply okay with Cardiam (Creddiam, Cameddie, ect...) friendship as the only canon ending ship.

    No, this is not a judgement against those of you who are fine with this idea because even I think it could possibly be the right way to go. But still, something would be holding me back.

    First off, I don't think that Dan did either of the ships any justice. I would even go as far as to say he butchered both of our shipping stories (Just in my opinion. No offence to anyone who enjoyed iSaved Your Life or the Seddie arc).

    If they ended up as just friends, I couldn't help but wonder if I'm the only one who'd feel as if something were missing. I'd feel like one of the ships …

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  • Xxcreddier4presidentxx

    This blog happens to be for everyone :) I created it mainly for Creddiers, but Seddiers can feel free to respectfully disagree. This wiki was made for everyone's opinions to be heard. No discriminating. All that I ask is that we all respect each other and not argue. Debating is fun, but let us remember that we cannot change each other's opinions.

    Now just to be clear, I don't dislike Seddie as a ship. I actually love Seddie probably more than I should.This blog is mainly for my fellow Creddie shippers, not me, even though I go into some of the problems I have with Seddie as a couple.

    To start us off, let me just say, that I am slightly biased. I've shipped Creddie since episode 1 premiered. Now that we're in season 4, I still love it, but I per…

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