well, i originally posted this comment on a youtube video in which you were supposed to state what couple you prefer: seddie or creddie. when my comment became way too long i figured i should state my opinion here. Although I am a seddier, this blog is for both ships. I want to know why you ship what you ship and i will respect your opinion as long as you respect mine ;)

my take on seddie vs. creddie

why i ship seddie: I prefer this couple because i believe there was always something special between them and i love how they have the ability to get eachother worked up and offend eachother so easily. i love the idea that love is unexpected and you can find it in the one person you claimed you would never love/date/kiss. sam and freddie have stated on numerous occasions that they would never date but yet, you can still catch those moments that suggest otherwise, especially on sam's side. The writers have spent much more time developing the seddie friendship rather than the creddie friendship, and i love to see character development between two people.

why i don't ship creddie:i would ship this couple if sam didn't exist because they would have spent more time developing a possibility of their relationship and they would not get along too well. chase and zoey were a lot like carly and freddie in some ways. Chase loved zoey from the start and she only considered him a friend at the most. but because there wasn't another love/hate relationship to rival it, the writers spent more time developing their relationship. i think best friends falling in love is cute, because i do believe infatuation can turn to love. so even though i don't believe freddie truly loves carly, the writers would have had a better chance at proving freddie's love for carly rather than his obsessiveness if it hadn't been for sam.

so basically I am a seddier who understands the creddie appeal. The point of this blog was not to offend any shippers. It is just so we can all understand eachother better. :)

so what do you ship? why? what don't you ship? why?

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