aka Rachel

  • I live in the Land of Ooo
  • I was born on July 14
  • My occupation is I watch TV for a living XD
  • I am A girl who's father ate her fries :(
  • Xxsedddiegurrlxx


    I am...very confused on the whole Sophie thing. And I...I just kind of hate it here sometimes. I want this to be a fun, happy place where all of us iCarly lovers...

    You know what, forget it.

    I am sick of this place. So so sick of it, that I just want to never go on this website again. Call me an attention seeker for writing this blog, but I am an attention seeker. I am stupid, I hate myself so much, I'm rude to everyone...

    Gosh, you know what? I'm...going. I'm leaving. I don't know how long...

    I didn't really know anyone on here, so no one's going to care if I leave.


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  • Xxsedddiegurrlxx

    My Autobiography

    November 14, 2011 by Xxsedddiegurrlxx


    Name: Rachel Dee (Dee being my middle name. I prefer not to tell my last name)

    Age: No thank you

    Grade: 6th

    Eye Color: Hazel

    Hair Color: Brown

    State: WA

    Favorite Colors: Purple, Black, Pink, and Gold

    Favorite Food: I like a Food

    Sports: Dance and does singing count?

    Extracuricular Activites: Drama and Dance

    Favorite School Subject: English and Music

    Least Favorite School Subject: ...IDK

    Grades: 1 B= the rest are A's currently.

    Music: Piano. I am also a 'throat player'

    One Interesting Fact: I am adopted

    Another Interesting Fact: I miss my birth mother

    Most Embarassing Moment: I went totally off key when we were singing in a choir at school. Everyone could hear me

    Favorite Tv Shows: iCarly, Victorious, Drake and Josh, and Adventure Tim…

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  • Xxsedddiegurrlxx

    What do you LOVE?

    November 13, 2011 by Xxsedddiegurrlxx

    This will be slightly LESS interesting then the Pet Peeves blog, but lets all just be positive (Even though it's great to say what you hate XD) and say what we LOVE! :D

    I'll start. Feel free to write WHY you love them

    • I love Broadway musicals. I just love them.
    • I love to sing
    • And act
    • And dance XD
    • I love iCarly of course
    • I LOVE this website!

    So have fun! XD


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  • Xxsedddiegurrlxx

    You might think this is another blog on Seddiegirl's death. Well, not exactly.

    But the thing is, I've been thinking. I thought all night last night and finally fell asleep at around 2 in the morning.

    So many things have happened here, on the wiki.

    There was ship warring.

    There was iOMG

    There was the episodes Seddie "coupled-up" some people weren't happy, others loved it.

    There was the episode Creddie "coupled-up" and again, some people weren't happy and some were.

    Then there was...there was Katydidit. You all know about that and I do not want to go into detail.

    I thought that the whole Katydidit incident was about the worst thing that could happen and was glad when it was all resolved. But of death?

    I have never been to a funeral. I hav…

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  • Xxsedddiegurrlxx


    October 8, 2011 by Xxsedddiegurrlxx

    I am leaving. Don't know if it's temporary or not.

    I have a few reasons for leaving.

    1. I am just kind of sick of all this drama.

    2. My dad is VERY overprotective of me, espically when it comes to the internet. If he found out about the Katydidit thing, he would be freakin' MAD at me for even JOINING this wiki.

    3. I just can't take it. Any of it. iCarly is an amazing show with amazing comedy, but no one seems to see the comedy. They just see the shipping. I hate that.

    I will miss you all...I don't really have any friends on here but...

    I WILL still check this wiki from time to time. Just don't expect any comments or blogs or whatever.



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