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This is me...

Name: Rachel Dee (Dee being my middle name. I prefer not to tell my last name)

Age: No thank you

Grade: 6th

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair Color: Brown

State: WA

Favorite Colors: Purple, Black, Pink, and Gold

Favorite Food: I like a Food

Sports: Dance and does singing count?

Extracuricular Activites: Drama and Dance

Favorite School Subject: English and Music

Least Favorite School Subject: ...IDK

Grades: 1 B= the rest are A's currently.

Music: Piano. I am also a 'throat player'

One Interesting Fact: I am adopted

Another Interesting Fact: I miss my birth mother

Most Embarassing Moment: I went totally off key when we were singing in a choir at school. Everyone could hear me

Favorite Tv Shows: iCarly, Victorious, Drake and Josh, and Adventure Time *hides* and Glee

Favorite Movie: Umm...The Sound of Music, Funny Girl, My Fair Lady, and Breakfast at Tiffany's

Personality: Drama Queen

School Life: Going good so far

Things I Like: Singing, Acting, Dancing, Broadway, NYAN CAT!

Favorite Youtubers: Many. Anyone who makes Seddie fanvids actually XD

Things I Hate: When people repeatly ask me a question OVER AND OVER. And trolls.

My Username: Xxseddiegurrlxx

People I like on the wiki: A lot. all admins.

And that's me.

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