You might think this is another blog on Seddiegirl's death. Well, not exactly.

But the thing is, I've been thinking. I thought all night last night and finally fell asleep at around 2 in the morning.

So many things have happened here, on the wiki.

There was ship warring.

There was iOMG

There was the episodes Seddie "coupled-up" some people weren't happy, others loved it.

There was the episode Creddie "coupled-up" and again, some people weren't happy and some were.

Then there was...there was Katydidit. You all know about that and I do not want to go into detail.

I thought that the whole Katydidit incident was about the worst thing that could happen and was glad when it was all resolved. But of death?

I have never been to a funeral. I haven't seen much death. I haven't had an online friend die. I haven't had a friend die at all.

And I thought: so much has happened on this wiki and I haven't seen all of it and more problems and dramas and maybe even more deaths will happen. Because that's life.

And maybe it's not about the big things in life that make you happy. Maybe it's like stringing together the small things like rushing to the tv to watch a new icarly. And we can't focus on the bad all the time. Sure, we can mourn the death of Seddiegirl, and we can pray for her family. But one day, we won't speak of the incident any longer. Just like Katydidit. No one really speaks about him anymore. And everything will go back to normal...well as normal as we can get on here. And new dramas will arise from time to time. Because that is life. And maybe we just get through it.

I'm crying. Seriously.

I hope I didn't offend anyone.


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