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July 7, 2011
  • XxxSupersSeddieShipper33xxx

    Hey its SupersSeddieShipper and i just want to say that this is getting ridiculous. I mean yes maybe some of you didnt hate on Madisen, but he was just protecting her. Yes i know that some of us don't like her, but what if your bf/gf was getting hated on for no reason? Wouldn't you want to help them out or tell the people hating to stop? Thats how they feel. Yeah its ok to ship Jathan or Seddie or whatever, but dont get them involved in real life ships. I do admit Nathan couldve handled this better, but it dosent make since for us to hate him. Like other people have said, make ANOTHER account. It only takes a couple of minutes. And, there is no reason for us to call Madisen names. Yes we all have our own opinons, and like i said before, he…

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  • XxxSupersSeddieShipper33xxx

    Hey everyone its XxxSupersSeddieShipper33xxx and i wanted to say that i am sick and tired of all of this drama on the page. I mean, isnt icarly mostly about comedy? Yeah its fun to have a favorite ship but it dosent mean you have to go and be mean and rub it in people's face. This wiki has turned into a seddie vs creddie war and its crazy! I mean seriously when was the last time we could talk about opposite ships without having people bash our ship. I mean im a seddier but i dont go on the creddie page and just start bashing their ship. That would be disrespectful. Actually to be honest, most creddiers are really nice and they dont yell as much as the seddiers are doing. And it hurts to know that the people suporting my ship actually yell …

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