Hey its SupersSeddieShipper and i just want to say that this is getting ridiculous. I mean yes maybe some of you didnt hate on Madisen, but he was just protecting her. Yes i know that some of us don't like her, but what if your bf/gf was getting hated on for no reason? Wouldn't you want to help them out or tell the people hating to stop? Thats how they feel. Yeah its ok to ship Jathan or Seddie or whatever, but dont get them involved in real life ships. I do admit Nathan couldve handled this better, but it dosent make since for us to hate him. Like other people have said, make ANOTHER account. It only takes a couple of minutes. And, there is no reason for us to call Madisen names. Yes we all have our own opinons, and like i said before, he coulve handled this better. But, if you have nothing nice to say, then dont say it, because i bet you guys wouldnt want someone to hate on you for no reason. And to people saying that she messed with you guys first, leeave it alone! Be the bigger person becaue if a celebrity does that to you just dont do it back and you will be the bigger person. Sorry to rant but i just needed to say this.


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