So whts everybodys prediction for season 5 of icarly? Here are some of my predictions….

iLost My Mind-- so I think tht it will start off from where they left off. Sam and Freddie r outside and Freddie is giving sam his lil speech n then she kisses him and all tht jazz. Carly sees it and is shocked. She says shes sorry and he says its kool. They stand there for another min or so. Sam then runs away bc hes not saying anything, carly hids bc she doesn’t want sam to see her. After sam leaves she rushes out to talk to Freddie and I think the convo will go something like this

Carly- Freddie, do u mind telling me wht just happened?

Freddie-- I…I don’t know. I came out, gave her a inspirational speech about how its hard to put feelings out there and tht she would never kno if she didn’t tell him and then she just planted her lips on me!!

Carly- sooo…tht means she doesn’t love brad, she..omg!

Freddie- wht! Wht is it!?

Carly- that means she love YOU!!!

Freddie- omg! I…I think imma faint.

Carly- no Freddie u cant do tht, u hav to go find sam!

Sam is seen hiding in a classroom, probably just relaxing in a chair or destroying school property. Carly comes in and talks to sam, they somehow get on the subject tht she needs to think things over so sam goes to the troubled waters mental hospital. It then goes to the next day and carly tells gibby and spencer wht happened and where she is, Freddie wants to kno where she is, gibby blurts it out. They go to see her. Carly talks to her first, sam tell sher she loves Freddie, carly then screams “sam loves Freddie, sam loves Freddie.” carly then leaves, and Freddie comes in and talks to her. She tell him the whole story. He tells her he likes her and asks her out on a date. She accepts. They are about to leave but they get caught by security and they are escorted out an sam is put back, sam somehow gets outs.

And that is my speculation of iLost My Mind. And the date will be in the episode iDate Sam and Freddie

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