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    So as many icarly fans have heard (and seen), there is a promo for the episode following iOMG known as iLost my mind. In the commercial, it shows Sam and Freddie sharing two kisses together and going on a date (WITH PURPLE COUCHES!!). So based off the short 36-second commercial, I have began to think about what will happen. So this is MY guess on the episode:

    Sam checks herself into a mental hospital and refuses to believe she is in love with Freddie. Carly finds out, and goes crazy (as seen in the commercial, o Carly...) happy for her friend, trying to hook her and Freddie up. Freddie is in love with Sam, they kiss and they begin a relationship. He asks her out and she says yes. They go on a date, have an arguement, breifly break-…

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    April 3, 2011 by Yellowchic4

    As you can tell by the title, i am a major seddie fan! So all the iCarly fans have been talking about how iOMG is gonna change the show. I honestly believe it so, because i have some guesses about the events within the show based on the commericals and comments on youtube videos. First, lets state the obvious:

    Carly thinks Sam like the new iCarly intern, Brad. But Sam doesn't seem to like Brad in every commerical. They are at some planned school lock-in and must be doing some project based on all the weird things in the backround like when Carly is confronting Sam, there are sunflowers in the backround. And when the screaming kid runs down the hall, there are many weird things (I don't feel like describing them). Freddie has a serious… Read more >