Hello! :)

So as many icarly fans have heard (and seen), there is a promo for the episode following iOMG known as iLost my mind. In the commercial, it shows Sam and Freddie sharing two kisses together and going on a date (WITH PURPLE COUCHES!!). So based off the short 36-second commercial, I have began to think about what will happen. So this is MY guess on the episode:

Sam checks herself into a mental hospital and refuses to believe she is in love with Freddie. Carly finds out, and goes crazy (as seen in the commercial, o Carly...) happy for her friend, trying to hook her and Freddie up. Freddie is in love with Sam, they kiss and they begin a relationship. He asks her out and she says yes. They go on a date, have an arguement, breifly break-up and then get together again thanks to Carly and Spencer pep talking Freddie and Sam (Carly to Sam and Spencer to Freddie). Freddie's mom (being over-ugh) tries to break them apart through MANY weird things (idk what, but its gonna be freaky). After seeing how happy her son is, she accepts it and lets them date. Happy ending and Seddie is born, fo real. :) Basically, Seddie is made in the episode and everyone is happy.

HOPEFULLY, a Cibby breakthrough will happen, just saying. There also was a piece of a script floating around and i predict this little part will be mentioned during the episode:

F: Can we just not talk about it?

C: No we can't just not talk about it.

F: But my mom's waiting for me to-

C: I don't care. Are you in love?(Freddie stares at Carly. It's clear he doesn't want to answer. He looks over at the kitchen table.)

F: So…. What was in that chicken pot pie? I mean, I know 'chicken' obviously, but what other-

C: Are you in love or not?

F: ( long beat, then) Yes.

C: (sighs) But you promised. You said you wouldn't fall in love with me as long as—

F: I didn't say I was in love with you.

(Carly looks at Freddie—She's very confused.)

Oh, and if someone could PLEASE explain to me which season this is. Some say 4 while others say this is the season 5 premire, along with the iDate Sam and Freddie. Its fuzzy to me :L

All i know is that it surrounds SEDDIE!! So thanks for reading, this is just MY personal opinion. If you have a different one, thats okay.

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