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    These seasons were the absolute best.  When Season 4 came on I kept telling myself I hated Season 1 and 2 because they're "boring".  When you really sit down, and watch the episodes, you'll see that that was Fetus Dan.  The Dan that didn't always have to "please the fans" and "did what he want"  the Dan that didn't make those stupid huge episodes that turned about to be suckish and unfunny.

    That's the Dan that was gone.

    Let's not get off track tho.  Now, if you honestly look at it, these seasons actually were a little more realistic than the  newer ones?  Why?  The plots made more sense!

    Ok, sure some were pointless but they were addicting, and enjoyable.  It was fun watching them.  The jokes were truly hilarious.  And they had alot of fun time…

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  • Z!

    I'm sorry

    May 27, 2012 by Z!

    Hey guys...most of you guys know name is Z. Most of you heard the rumor...I lied about cancer....I just want to let you know it was true. I had a blood clot in my leg and I exaggerated to having cancer for attention. I'm sorry....I truly am sorry for what I have done. I am an idiot and you guys can trash me on chat, ignore me, call me another one of those lying "trolls", and insult me...I don't care.

    I fricken desrve hatred after the rudness I pulled. I want you to know I didn't want that to happen. I never wanted to lie. So I'm sorry. Ok? I get it. I lied. But I never wanted it to go in that sort of direction. Seriously, I am teary-eyed as I type this cause I feel so terrible for lying...and I am a jerk...I feel...just…

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    Z Game!

    April 22, 2012 by Z!

    Hey guys! It's Z here! I have an amazingly new game!!!! Here's the rules.

    So you have to come up with a wacky noise that has the letter Z in it repeatedly. You have to explain what the sound means also.

    Example: BZZZZZZZ! This means: A bee buzzing!

    Note: You can not use sounds that alerady exist like Bzzzz, or Zzzzzz.

    Have fun! And leave your sounds and explaniations in the comments.

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