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I'm sorry

Z! May 27, 2012 User blog:Z!

Hey guys...most of you guys know name is Z. Most of you heard the rumor...I lied about cancer....I just want to let you know it was true. I had a blood clot in my leg and I exaggerated to having cancer for attention. I'm sorry....I truly am sorry for what I have done. I am an idiot and you guys can trash me on chat, ignore me, call me another one of those lying "trolls", and insult me...I don't care.

I fricken desrve hatred after the rudness I pulled. I want you to know I didn't want that to happen. I never wanted to lie. So I'm sorry. Ok? I get it. I lied. But I never wanted it to go in that sort of direction. Seriously, I am teary-eyed as I type this cause I feel so terrible for lying...and I am a jerk...I feel...just mean and cruel. And I am. But I will be sincere and make sure this kind of thing never happened.

Cause God I just wish it didn't...but I made it happen...for that, I'm sorry...from the bottom of my don't have to forgive me...But I want you to know...from the bottom of my soul

I'm sorry

For lying



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