• Zainab Bibi

    My theory part 1

    freddie: its cool

    * looks surprized* *"sam looks at him with astonishment her face then turns sad"

    • then suddenly carly gasps and falls to the floor breathing hard sam and freddie snap out of there trance and rush too carly while gibby (who was near by )calls 911*

    In the hospital waiting area 2am*

    sam: "do you thing carly will be all right"
    • while sobbing*
    • freddie looks at sam with symphthy*
    "sa sam .. dont cry she will be all right"

    *sam starts to cry even more * freddie: "sam please dont i promise u she is going to be fine" *freedie takes her hand sam looks at him with tears in her eyes *

    sam: "its all my fault "
    • yawns*
    freddie: "sam..why dont you go to sleep"
    sam: "ill try "
    • ten mins later shes asleep with her head on freddies shoulder …

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