• Zane Nidias John L.V. II

    hey, i was just thinking... well, i don't know if it'll make sense to anyone else, but it seems like he's buffing the show up for iOMG II. i mean, it kinda seems like it from where i'm looking. i honestly don't see why iOMG couldn't have been made into an hour long episode. if there are two parts, one imediately following the other, why seperate them? instead, he puts iPWV in between them. and then iOMG II is going to be the season premiere for season five. so, i think he's trying to boost the viewer ratings back up as much as possible for this next episode. he had iOMG play, get 7.4 million people pumped up for the next episode, he's going to have the iPWV play (an hour and a half long episode that will gather almost all iCarly and Victor…

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  • Zane Nidias John L.V. II

    wow, only 7.4? still. it's not really fair to compare it's ratings anyway. in season three, they were coming out with an episode every two weeks. i know some of you write fanfiction. have you ever put out the first chapter, then continuously update within a week of the last chapter? you tend to normally get more reviews for that than if you only update every couple months. so, right off the bat, only real iCarly fans, those always looking forward to new episodes tuned in. without it constantly there to remind the casual viewers, those casual viewers found something else to entertain their time (not all of them obviously). and then, if you'd go and look at the views for the... well, let me list them. the viewer ratings for the four episodes…

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  • Zane Nidias John L.V. II

    first, i'll quote the scene.

    F: Every time that i tell you that brad and i are doing something, you want to come hang with us.

    S: and that means i'm in love with him?!

    F: well you HATE me!

    S: ... i never said i hate you.

    F: Yeah you have! (in funny, incredilous voice)... like 900 times! i still have the birthday card that you gave me that said "Happy Birthday, I Hate You. Hate Sam".

    S: ... just leeeeave!

    F: fine, i'll leeeeave.

    S: bye.

    F: But before i go-

    S: that's it, get out of here before i do a double fist dance on your face!

    alright, i'm tired of quoting. that was the important part anyway. then freddie makes a quip, gives her the love talk, then the kiss (which sam looks like she didn't expect. after she pulled back she kinda tensed up he shoul…

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  • Zane Nidias John L.V. II

    OMG DUDE! i just found a leeked episode of iOMG!!!! it's Here!!! i don't know if Dan and nick messed up, or some awesome seddie fan broke in and got the episode or what, but this was the best 24 minutes of my life! i won't spoil it, but this was the greatest episode of my seddie life!!! but, yeah, it's obviously a spoiler to anyone who hasn't seen it, but tell me what you thought of the episode down below. OMG this was so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

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