hey, i was just thinking... well, i don't know if it'll make sense to anyone else, but it seems like he's buffing the show up for iOMG II. i mean, it kinda seems like it from where i'm looking. i honestly don't see why iOMG couldn't have been made into an hour long episode. if there are two parts, one imediately following the other, why seperate them? instead, he puts iPWV in between them. and then iOMG II is going to be the season premiere for season five. so, i think he's trying to boost the viewer ratings back up as much as possible for this next episode. he had iOMG play, get 7.4 million people pumped up for the next episode, he's going to have the iPWV play (an hour and a half long episode that will gather almost all iCarly and Victorious fans, probably playing iOMG right before it starts), then he's going to start playing promos for iOMG II (preferably during iPWV for the most amount of exposure). the end result should give the season primere (iOMG II) a minimum of 10 million views. he might be trying for a new record before the show is done, he might be tired of looking at the pilot having the most amount of viewers for the entirety of the show.

if i thought that this was an anime, and that Dan was Lelouch (from Code Geass) or Kira or L (from Death Note), i'd say Victorious' purpose was soely for the purpose of boosting this next episode's (iOMG II) viewer ratings. but then again, of course i know better. no one would do that, right? i mean, making another show to leach viewers off of to pump up your primere episode so it sets a new record? that's, like, borderline evil. or am i borderline crazy? doese any of this make sense, or is this my paronoia acting up again?

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