wow, only 7.4? still. it's not really fair to compare it's ratings anyway. in season three, they were coming out with an episode every two weeks. i know some of you write fanfiction. have you ever put out the first chapter, then continuously update within a week of the last chapter? you tend to normally get more reviews for that than if you only update every couple months. so, right off the bat, only real iCarly fans, those always looking forward to new episodes tuned in. without it constantly there to remind the casual viewers, those casual viewers found something else to entertain their time (not all of them obviously). and then, if you'd go and look at the views for the... well, let me list them. the viewer ratings for the four episodes before each episode, followed by their episode

iHave My Principles 4.7 iFind Lewbert's Lost Love 5.0 iMove Out 5.7 iQuit iCarly 8.8 iSaved Your Life 11.2

now, for this time around.

iDo 6.7 iStart a Fanwar 5.0 iHire An Idiot 4.9 iPity The Nevel 4.6 iOMG 7.4 (also, this one wasn't following a 'movie' like iSYL did)

so, the fourth season has just been tanking. while the third season constantly goes up in views, the fourth just goes down... i'm actually a little worried at the moment. i mean, dan might decide it's worth too much to keep iCarly going with Victorious over there, and put iCarly completely on the back burners until it gets canceled. it's sad, but iParty With Victorious might actually be to boost iCarly's viewers, not the other way around...

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