Veronica is a character who first appears in the episode iMake Sam Girlier. She is an employee at Hey Food.

ICarly S02E16 iMake Sam Girlier 1

Spencer and Veronica Kissing

Spencer reveals that he asked her out on several occasions, but she always turned him down.

Spencer was convinced that she only liked him when he was wearing his tuxedo, no matter what they did. After nearly collapsing from a heat stroke while jogging, he confesses he was wearing the tux the whole time. After this, she felt weird about it, and she broke up with him and left.

ICarly S02E16 iMake Sam Girlier 091 0001

Spencer and Veronica Kiss

However, she returned right afterwards, said that Spencer really does look cute in the tux and kissed him.

When she hears that Spencer "died" in iEnrage Gibby, she visits Carly to express her condolences. Carly reveals that her brother was in love with Veronica for a while, and she expresses regret for breaking up with him because he was too crazy and loud. Spencer then reveals that he was only mistakenly reported dead and used it to make more money from his sculptures, which freaked her out. He even claimed he was his own twin brother, "Spuncer", but she called him "sick" and left once more.

This was her only appearance.
Veronica - 1

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