The clerk of the Video Village store featured in IRocked the Vote episode.
Video Store Clerk

Spencer had received a letter saying that he had failed to return "Boogie Bear Takes Manhattan," rented 10 years earlier (incurring over $3,600 in late fees). Sam taught Spencer how to lie, so that he could go to the store and claim that he returned the video on time.

At the store, Spencer tried to lie, as planned, but quickly became hysterical, told the clerk the truth, and apologized for lying, saying how much he didn't like doing it.

The clerk, however, calmed Spencer down and told him that her boss only sent it out those letters to scare people. She said that she would simply take it out of the computer.

When Spencer told her that she was very nice, the clerk replied that Spencer was "very ... cute." Spencer then leaned on the counter and said, "Really? ... Want to visit my summer home in Prague and meet my cousin, the Pope?" which made the clerk giggle.
Spencer and Video Store Clerk

The clerk was played by Andrea Swain, who also had small roles in ICarly Saves TV and IStart a Fanwar.

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