FANDOM is the matchmaking website Spencer signs up for in the episode iWin a Date. It is a parody of sites such as,'s slogan is "Where lonely adults find even lonelier adults."
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After his disastrous blind date the night before with Stephanie, a woman under the delusion that she owns a pet unicorn, a desperate Spencer heeds his sister, Carly's, advice and signs up for

For a man as creative as Spencer is, he is surprisingly inept at making an appealing video of himself to upload to the dating site. In his first attempt at creating a video, he sits on a stool in front of his apartment's cargo elevator, his shirt buttoned up to the neck and hair slicked back with chicken fat (much to the disgust of his sister).

In his second video, Spencer makes the opposite mistake and tries too hard to appear looser. Wearing a baseball glove and tossing a ball in the air, Spencer looks into the camera, telling potential dates that they've just taken a "right turn down lucky street" by clicking on his profile. Trying to appear sporty, Spencer then throws the ball across the room, but he ends up accidentally breaking his and Carly's fishbowl and killing their pet goldfish.

In his third video attempt, Spencer means to "keep it simple and real," and the result is a nine minute of him simply eating cereal for the entire duration. Despite the lame video, he ends up getting nine (later ten) responses, which Carly seems impressed by, but then she and her brother look over the responses to the video:

  • Four of the responses were from women in prison.
  • Three of the responses were from women who just got out of prison.
  • Two of the responses were from female psychologists who feel that they could "help" Spencer, apparently thinking that he might have some mental/psychological issues.
  • The final response was actually from a man with an apparently feminine-looking appearance, as Spencer mistook the person for a woman until his sister pointed out that the "she" was actually a "he."


  • Spencer is member #524 on the site.
  • According to Sam, her mother's been banned from
  • If you go to, it will redirect you to, as do most of the fake websites shown on iCarly.
  • The website has been mentioned again on, in the "We Party with Carly's Dad!" gallery. There's a picture of Spencer lying on the stairs wearing a hat. Apparently, this picture got more comments on the than any other Spencer's photo.