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Mak23686 see below
Alica123 online (times are in GMT [ex: London]): Monday: 3 PM - 11 PM, Tuesday: 2 PM - 11 PM, Wednesday: 2 PM - 11 PM, Thursday: 4 PM - 11 PM, Friday: 4 PM - 11 PM, weekend: depending, most likely 1 PM - 1 AM (NOTE: Times may variate on [temporary] school schedule changes, meetings with friends, etc.)

Lotstar online: 6 AM to 8 AM (weekdays); 12 AM to 8 AM (weekends)
TenCents online: 8 PM to 1 AM (weekdays); 2 PM to 10 PM (weekends)
DevonAndersen (online times are in PST) Monday, Wednesday, & Friday (4-6PM) Tuesdays & Thursdays Unavailable Weekends (10AM-6PM)
[Note: Times may vary depending on my daughters', class, and work schedules ect.]
CreddieCupcake online: ...
Godlovesusall online: ...
3cooldog92 online: ...

The online times are only average indications; slight variations are possible. Reporting a problem to an admin that's online will help us react faster. All times are GMT (on the time zone map: 0)


Mak's Schedule


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